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SMC leadership team

The SMC’s operations are administered by a two-person administrative staff made up of the SMC Administrator and the SMC Budget Manager. This pair works closely with an elected SMC Steering Committee Chair and Vice Chair(s) to administer projects, manage budgets and finances, and help promote the SMC’s work in the broader stormwater management field.

SMC Administrator

Gerhardt Hubner
Independent consultant

SMC Budget Manager

Ken Schiff
Deputy Director, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project

SMC Steering Committee

Rebekah Guill, Chair
Senior Flood Control Planner, Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District

David Laak, Vice Chair
Stormwater Resource Manager, Ventura County Watershed Protection District

Dr. Joanna Wisniewska, Vice Chair
Landuse Environmental Planner III, County of San Diego Watershed Protection Program