Organizational Goals

The SMC’s mission is to solve stormwater management challenges across southern California by building regional consensus around best-in-class tools, methods and monitoring strategies. To achieve this mission, the SMC has established three overarching goals that guide all of the SMC’s work.

Goal 1: Foster cooperation and collaboration among SMC member agencies to advance regional stormwater management priorities 

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  • Sub-Goal 1.1: Create a neutral, collaborative forum where all member agencies – both regulated and regulatory – come together to discuss concerns, challenges and solutions
  • Sub-Goal 1.2: Pool SMC member agencies’ funding and expertise to optimally leverage limited resources
  • Sub-Goal 1.3: Engage the broader stormwater management community (i.e., non-SMC stakeholders) in the development and implementation of SMC research and monitoring

Goal 2: Advance and expand understanding of the science and engineering behind stormwater management            

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  • Sub-Goal 2.1: Develop and greenlight implement monitoring and research projects designed to answer pressing management questions
  • Sub-Goal 2.2: Develop standardized methods for collecting and analyzing high-quality, comparable, accessible data sets
  • Sub-Goal 2.3: Produce defensible, data-driven approaches for advancing and expanding understanding of stormwater mechanisms and management strategies

Goal 3: Use SMC research and monitoring data to improve stormwater management practices across southern California        

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  • Sub-Goal 3.1: Ensure every SMC project directly leads to discrete, tangible management actions
  • Sub-Goal 3.2: Communicate SMC findings and products to the broader southern California stormwater management community
  • Sub-Goal 3.3: Facilitate adoption of SMC management strategies, methods and tools by the broader southern California stormwater community
  • Sub-Goal 3.4: Provide training and other support to maximize end-user adoption of SMC products
  • Sub-Goal 3.5: Optimally position SMC research to help member agencies demonstrate compliance with NPDES permit requirements

Note: As an R&D organization, the SMC does not engage in advocacy, lobbying or litigation.