SMC’s plans for the initial pilot phase of the Regional BMP Monitoring Network

The SMC’s Regional BMP Monitoring Network, expected to be operational by 2023, kicked off in winter 2021-2022 with an initial pilot phase.

During the pilot phase, the SMC will focus on gathering data to investigate two key aspects of BMP performance:

  • Effectiveness of bioretention/biofiltration BMPs at pollutant removal: The SMC will measure pollutants entering and exiting flow-through bioretention/biofiltration BMPs. The goal is to understand what levels and types of pollutants are being removed as runoff enters these systems and then exits via an underdrain pipe.
  • Effect of sediment loading on BMP infiltration rates: The SMC will measure the rate at which sediment loading into BMPs decreases the infiltration rates of runoff. The goal is to understand how these systems should be maintained to ensure their performance over the long term. The SMC intends to examine sediment loading rates for bioretention/biofiltration BMPs (both flow-through and full capture), dry wells, infiltration basins and galleries, sand filters, and possibly permeable pavement.