A 16-member body known as the SMC Steering Committee is responsible for governing the organization. The Steering Committee sets the SMC’s research agenda and oversees all of the SMC’s research projects and programs.

To view SMC Steering Committee meeting agendas, go to the Meetings page.

The Steering Committee is made up of representatives from each of the SMC’s 16 member agencies – both regulated and regulatory agencies. They work together in a neutral, collaborative forum to conceptualize, execute and discuss the management implications of SMC projects, and ultimately to rapidly and efficiently transition science into management.

A part-time SMC Administrator and SMC Budget Manager are responsible for facilitating the work of the SMC and its Steering Committee. To contact the Steering Committee’s leadership team or the SMC’s administrative staff, go to the Contact page.

SMC Policies and Procedures

NameAdoption Date
Professional Services Contracting ProceduresSeptember 8, 2020
Criteria and Process for Obtaining a SMC Letter of SupportSeptember 8, 2020