List of members of the Streamlining Annual Reporting focus group

The focus group that is guiding the Streamlining Annual Reporting project is made up of 13 members appointed by the SMC:

Los Angeles region

  • Amenu Geremew, Los Angeles County Department of Public Works
  • David Laak, Ventura County Watershed Protection District
  • Ivar Ridgeway, Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board

Santa Ana region

  • James Fortuna, County of Orange
  • Richard Boon and Rebekah Guill, Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District
  • Arlene Chun, San Bernardino County Stormwater Program
  • Adam Fischer, Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board

San Diego region

  • Mike Watt, County of San Diego Watershed Protection Program
  • Wayne Chiu, San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board


  • Bhaskar Joshi, California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)
  • Ken Schiff, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project