Data & Tools

SMC research and monitoring projects routinely lead to the development of large-scale data sets and open-source tools for analyzing and visualizing data.

SMC Regional Watershed Monitoring Program

The most high-profile, ongoing SMC data product is the SMC Regional Watershed Monitoring Program’s Open Data Portal. The Open Data Portal, which is managed by the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project (SCCWRP), enables users to submit stream monitoring data, as well as retrieve and analyze customized data queries.

Other key SMC data products include:

  • Southern California Stream Quality Index: This scoring tool systematically integrates physical, chemical and biological indicator data from stream sites to produce a single, overall assessment of ecological condition. Shiny app and Technical report and fact sheet
  • Stream Classification and Priority Explorer (SCAPE): This web app helps managers to visualize data generated by a modeling tool that predicts the degree to which stream bioassessment scores are likely to be limited, or “constrained,” by urban and agricultural development. Shiny app and Journal article

To access data and tools related to other SMC projects, look up the corresponding final project report and/or journal article on the SMC Publications page.

If you cannot find the data you’re looking for, please contact the SMC.