SMC Testimonials

“As a member of the SMC Steering Committee, I have seen firsthand the tremendous benefits to our organization that come with being a member agency.  It all starts with the strong collaboration and communication between the regulated parties, the regulators, and a diverse group of project partners. To have everyone in the same room and to hear the different perspectives and priorities, results in well informed, scientifically defensible projects and outcomes that guide educated stormwater management decisions. For a relatively smaller agency like ours, the ability to leverage costs, pick and choose projects, and the resulting economies of scale achieved by this partnership allow us to receive vital information and data that we normally wouldn’t have access to if we weren’t part of the SMC.  The end result being an improved understanding of stormwater pollution and how to best address it throughout the region.”

–Dave Laak, Stormwater Resources Manager, Ventura County Flood Control District, SMC Steering Committee Vice Chair (2020-2022)

“For the last 20 years, the Stormwater Monitoring Coalition (SMC) has enabled the District to collaborate with regional partners on impactful research that has improved stormwater monitoring program design and the practice of stormwater management.  Through the SMC partnership, mutual problems are more cost-effectively solved to everyone’s benefit. Today, the SMC is at the forefront of efforts to collaboratively create consensus solutions to some of the most intractable stormwater mandate issues.  The District considers the SMC to be an invaluable institution and is honored to have Rebekah Guill as a two-term SMC chair on the occasion of the SMC’s 20th anniversary.”

–Jason Uhley, General Manager-Chief Engineer, Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District