What stormwater managers can expect from the SMC’s Regional BMP Monitoring Network

The goal of the SMC’s Regional BMP Monitoring Network is to collect a huge amount of BMP performance data rapidly, simultaneously and cost-effectively to optimize the performance of a wide variety of structural stormwater BMPs across southern California.

Data generated through this initiative will generate locally relevant evidence of BMPs’ ability to treat contaminations, as well as identify characteristics of successful BMP design and critical aspects of BMP maintenance to support long-term treatment capacity.

In particular, the network will help BMP designers, planners and managers determine:

  • Which BMPs work best for different pollutant types
  • How the design and construction of BMPs can be improved to enhance pollutant removal
  • What maintenance should be used to ensure each BMP operates with acceptable efficiency throughout its lifespan

The program’s data also will be used to improve tools like the California BMP Effectiveness Calculator, a management tool for estimating the effectiveness of BMPs in removing specific types of contaminants from runoff.